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Neurotic Animations

Han Hoogerbrugge, is a Dutch cartoonist/animator/author/interactive designer/fine artist. He started out as a cartoonist and painter and has been featured in several newspapers and articles throughout Europe. After he found the internet, he started working on interactive Flash animations like the Hotel series and Flow. Han has also created several books including Pro Stress (1 and 2) and Modern Living and music videos.

With Motion Design being one of my passions, Han has definitely been and continues to be one of my main inspirations.


A Machine For Living In

Le Corbusier (a Swiss-French architect) embraced functionalism, rejecting excessive nonstructural ornamentation, and favored the modern materials of concrete and steel in his structures. Free-flowing floor plans, column supports, flat roofs to accommodate gardens, and “stilts” were featured in many of the homes he designed. One of the great pioneers of modern design in architecture.   […]

Bodies in Motion

Lois Greenfield is a photographer made famous by her ability to capture the human form in motion and her use of it as a compositional element in her art. As a result, she built a body of work and a reputation in the modern and postmodern dance world through having her work published in the […]

The Perfect Matrimonial Combination

The knock-out married duo Lane Smith and Molly Leach grace the art world with quirky illustrations and captivating typography. Lane illustrates while Molly handles the book design. Specializing in children’s books, they have worked on award winning stories like: The Stinky Cheese Man; The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs; Math Curse; and James […]