Bodies in Motion

Lois Greenfield is a photographer made famous by her ability to capture the human form in motion and her use of it as a compositional element in her art. As a result, she built a body of work and a reputation in the modern and postmodern dance world through having her work published in the Village Voice, New York Times, Dance Magazine and other publications.

The human body in itself is a work of art, but the way it’s captured in action just takes it up another notch.

Update: If you like this post, check out Bodies in Motion Part 2 featuring French photographer Ludovic Florent.

sam-mosher-lois-greenfield-1995-560x471 web_bodyscapes_09_2010_024r greenfield_07 greenfield_01 breaking-bounds_10r breaking-bounds_07r 1192_ch_13_fb_fnr


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3 responses to “Bodies in Motion”

  1. dancejustj says :

    These images are AWESOME!!!! Some of the best pictures of dance I have ever seen.

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