Alien Landscapes

David Keochkerian is a French “amateur” photographer. While he has only been dabbling in photography for only two years, his photos make a very clear statement that he has far surpassed the title of amateur.

I like to capture the fleeting, the subtle, the beautiful, the rare, the spectacular, the staggering… to reveal how the daily and the ordinary can be filled with enthusiasm. My work is very heterogeneous. I use and associate many photographic techniques (DRI, HDR, panoramic, vertorama, long exposure…), image renditions (color, B&W, infrared…) and different themes (landscape, macro, light-painting, architecture, industry…). What’s common is maybe the visual rendition: I like sharp constrasts (light and colors) and dense outcomes.

View his whole portfolio here.


David Keochkerian 1 David Keochkerian 2 David Keochkerian 3 David Keochkerian 4 David Keochkerian 5 David Keochkerian 6 David Keochkerian 7 David Keochkerian 8 David Keochkerian 9 David Keochkerian 10 David Keochkerian 11 David Keochkerian 12 David Keochkerian 13


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