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Architectural Visualization At Its Best

Juan Carlos Ramos is a Mexican architect working with architectural visualization. He has colaborated in national and international projects for studios such as Neoscape and Fernando Romero EnterpisE. Advertisements

The New Urban: Organic

Brazilian sculptor Henrique Oliveira created a huge installation called Baitogogo in the Palais de Tokyo. Some Other Works  

Impressive (Not As Famous) Places of Worship

From the beginning of religion, buildings have been a key focus to draw inspriation. The architecture and location are not only scared, but are meant to be beautiful offerings to the god(s)/deities. Here are some of my favorite finds of religious buildings that you haven’t seen A MILLION TIMES.

A Machine For Living In

Le Corbusier (a Swiss-French architect) embraced functionalism, rejecting excessive nonstructural ornamentation, and favored the modern materials of concrete and steel in his structures. Free-flowing floor plans, column supports, flat roofs to accommodate gardens, and “stilts” were featured in many of the homes he designed. One of the great pioneers of modern design in architecture.   […]