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Design Trends for 2014

iStock released this infographic about what industry leaders think will be hot or not for 2014. Since we are a few months into the new year, how do you think these trends have effected graphic design and the trending aesthetics?




The Next Generation of Books

Yusuke Oono, a Japanese artist and designer creates incredible scenes with depth and movement through the use of her 3D cut paper books.

Eye Candy

This is an in-store campaign created by Superfad (a design and production company) using high-speed photography to display the dynamic color and value range of the new line of Sony televisions. This campaign featured Sony’s new “Make.Believe” slogan and was on televisions displays nationwide a few years ago.

Kristina Collantes

Kristina Collantes is an american illustrator that has been featured in several editorial magazines including: CityBeat, Vice, Hi-Fructose, LA Weekly, and OK Go.

Art Deco Fashion Addict

George Barbier was one of the great French Art Deco Artists from the early 20th century. Being more of a Renaissance man, he had his hand in: jewelry design; writing; reviewing magazines; theatre and ballet costume design; and wall paper design. He is most well known for his fashion and book illustrations.

Russian Design Studio

This is a branding/identity package done by Lin-Art Design Studio of Russia for restaurant VISOTKA.

Lin-Art Design Studio 1

Paper Design

Lucie Thomas teamed up with Thibault Zimmermann to form Zim & Zou, A french studio devoted to graphic design, illustration, paper sculpture, and installation. Rather than composing images on a computer, they create, stage, and photograph three dimensional items made out of paper or leather. Click on Images to see better detail. View their full […]

Distorted Design

Alberto Seveso is an Italian graphic designer who has had clients of all sizes. His unique style features incredible photo manipulation, varying levels of ink washes (see his high speed ink spread photography in images 2-4) and graphic elements.

The Time Machine

Okay, something a little different today. Today is about Daniel Duarte, a Portuguese product designer. He’s worked for several different product/furniture design studios and his latest piece nailed it. I mean…. no more watching the clock, only to be stunned that time suddenly stops when you’re stuck in the most boring of situations! The Time […]

Caution: The World Of Black and White Ahead

If you get offended easily and don’t appreciate a different approach to art, then please avert your eyes…. Kara Walker is a contemporary African American artist who explores race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity in her silhouettes. She is most well known for her cut paper silhouettes, but also has videos and books too. I’ve […]