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Architectural Visualization At Its Best

Juan Carlos Ramos is a Mexican architect working with architectural visualization. He has colaborated in national and international projects for studios such as Neoscape and Fernando Romero EnterpisE. Advertisements

Antoine Helbert

After a little vacation, it’s time to post about the French painter/illustrator, Antoine Helbert.

3D Doesn’t Always Have to Look the Same

Polish designer Mateusz Szulik creates awesome 3D worlds and digital paintings. The last 12 images were created for carbon mine and powerplant museum in Bełchatów to which a cut paper style is used.

Distorted Design

Alberto Seveso is an Italian graphic designer who has had clients of all sizes. His unique style features incredible photo manipulation, varying levels of ink washes (see his high speed ink spread photography in images 2-4) and graphic elements.

Neurotic Animations

Han Hoogerbrugge, is a Dutch cartoonist/animator/author/interactive designer/fine artist. He started out as a cartoonist and painter and has been featured in several newspapers and articles throughout Europe. After he found the internet, he started working on interactive Flash animations like the Hotel series and Flow. Han has also created several books including Pro Stress (1 and 2) and Modern Living and music videos.

With Motion Design being one of my passions, Han has definitely been and continues to be one of my main inspirations.