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The New Urban: Organic

Brazilian sculptor Henrique Oliveira created a huge installation called Baitogogo in the Palais de Tokyo. Some Other Works   Advertisements

Miss Van

Miss Van, a French artist, started in street art in the early 90’s. She quickly became popular and now has gallery shows around the world.

Don’t Fall In!

For the past eight years, 3D Joe and Max have travelled the world from New York to Shanghai creating their unique 3D street art. In November 2011, 3D Joe and Max broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest and the World’s Longest Anamorphic Artwork at West India Quay, London for Reebok Europe.

Faces In Surprising Places

Julien Malland is a French street artist that started traveling the world in 2003. His paintings are found all over the world, and in some of the most surprising places.