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Design Trends for 2014

iStock released this infographic about what industry leaders think will be hot or not for 2014. Since we are a few months into the new year, how do you think these trends have effected graphic design and the trending aesthetics?




Al Columbia

Al Columbia is an American cartoonist, illustrator, writer, photographer, musician, and filmmaker who is best well known for his solo work in: Doghead, The Biologic Show #0 & #1, and Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days.

Dummy Brother

Jacob Magraw-Mickelson is an American artist that is known for his paintings, illustrations, and silk-screen prints. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Fishwrap Magazine and several books. I first discovered him with his illustrated story Dummy Brother, in Flight Volume 1 (pictured below).   Some of his other works:  

Distorted Design

Alberto Seveso is an Italian graphic designer who has had clients of all sizes. His unique style features incredible photo manipulation, varying levels of ink washes (see his high speed ink spread photography in images 2-4) and graphic elements.

The Perfect Matrimonial Combination

The knock-out married duo Lane Smith and Molly Leach grace the art world with quirky illustrations and captivating typography. Lane illustrates while Molly handles the book design. Specializing in children’s books, they have worked on award winning stories like: The Stinky Cheese Man; The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs; Math Curse; and James […]