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Conrad Roset

Conrad Roset, a Spanish illustrator, isn’t just featured in books and magazines. His work has been used in a lot of applications including, advertising videos, packaging, fashion textiles, retail displays and more. Advertisements

Architectural Visualization At Its Best

Juan Carlos Ramos is a Mexican architect working with architectural visualization. He has colaborated in national and international projects for studios such as Neoscape and Fernando Romero EnterpisE.

Eye Candy

This is an in-store campaign created by Superfad (a design and production company) using high-speed photography to display the dynamic color and value range of the new line of Sony televisions. This campaign featured Sony’s new “Make.Believe” slogan and was on televisions displays nationwide a few years ago.

Al Columbia

Al Columbia is an American cartoonist, illustrator, writer, photographer, musician, and filmmaker who is best well known for his solo work in: Doghead, The Biologic Show #0 & #1, and Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days.

Pin Ups Gone Wild

Brian M. Viveros is most well known for his fetish, erotic paintings featuring doe-eyed women with cigarettes. His mixed medium paintings (mix of oil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink) have been featured all over the world. He also recently has dabbled in film. View his full gallery here.    

The Use of the Female Form

Man Ray, an American photographer, painter, and experimental film maker spent most of his career working and living in Paris, France. His most famous works came is 1915-1935 but continued working into the 1960s. His art is often put into categories such as Modernist, Surrealist, Dada, and Futurist. I have often admired his photographs and […]

Ashes and Snow

Gregory Colbert, a Canadian born photographer/film maker traveled the world to photograph and film the interactions between humans and animals. Ashes and Snow premiered in Venice in 2002 and has been traveling as part of the Nomadic Museum since  attracting over 10 million viewers. In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I […]